Established in 1996, Acerpack machine Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of a wide range of plastic bag making machines. Since the company was established. We have committed ourselves to offering the best possible plastic bag making machines for our customers. To meet this requirement, we have outstanding R&D capabilities rigorous quality control systems and highly advanced manufacturing techniques. Stemming from our extensive experience.

Acerpack machines have been sold to many countries around the world and each machine has been fully satisfactory to the customers. However, never satisfied to rest on our laurels, we always continue to strive to provide the most advanced machines available.


A Tradition of Excellence

Reasearch and Development  

To thoroughly follow our company’s policy to “Always Pursue Higher Technological Levels”, our R&D staff have dedicated themselves to constantly develop new machines with higher performances, higher production speeds and more user-friendly operation.

In addition, our R&D staff always improves on existing models to achieve better performance. Our objective is to ensure that each machine will provide a competitive edge for our customers.

Comprehensive Technical Support  

As we have a strong commitment to customer service, our service team consists of several highly experienced engineers.

Our comprehensive technical services include application description, model selection, operation and maintenance training and after-sale service.

Everything we do is to guarantee each machine from our company will develop outstanding operational performance at anytime.


The Organization Map of ACERPACK

1.Comprehensive controls and direction
2.Financial department
Exhibitionthe related things
The machinery transport
1.Instal Machine
2.Education Train
1.For customer use problem and assist
2.Coustomer request(parts 、information etc.)
The machine produces parts management、schedule management
Produce lines of finish goods
1.Produce lines of new machine
2.The customer assigns the revision addition machine
Following machine capability improvement and promotion
1The new model machine kind develops
2.The customer assign the type research and development
1.For specific structure improves and tests
2.The control engineering research and development and independence cultivates
Global economy and industrial evolution tendency

World Sales Distribution

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