Bag on Roll Making Machine
Double Fold Device
Auto Cutting Label Device
  • Double out-feeding ratio driven system ensures tensionless seal results.
  • Machine stops automatically for breakage, shortage or missed film registration.
  • Rewind driven by servo & PLC control systems combined with torque & speed micro adjusted systems.
  • Roll tear-off by double roll tearing system.
  • Auto-labeling system available as an option.
Model Bag Size(max.) Thickess of Film(mm) Capacity (cycle/min.) Winding Width (mm) Rewinder Dia.(mm) Power Required Machine Size
L x W x H (M)
SERVO TYPE SCF-280V 280(W)x1000(L) 0.008~0.1 30~140 50~280 Ø30~Ø90 3.7KW 4.5x1.2x1.55
SCF-500V 450(W)x1000(L) 0.008~0.1 30~140 75~400 Ø30~Ø90 3.7KW 4.5x1.35x1.55
SCF-800V 760(W)x1200(L) 0.008~0.1 30~140 75~500 Ø30~Ø90 5.5KW 5.5x1.5x1.8
SCF-1020V 960(W)x1200(L) 0.008~0.1 30~120 75~500 Ø30~Ø90 6.0KW 5.5x1.65x2.2
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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