Bag Making Machine with Slit-Seal
  • The E.P.C. device combined with the unwinder, its function is sensitive and stable, easy operation.
  • Fully automatic unwinder , unwinding speed auto adjust, no speed adjustment necssary.(Optional)
  • Triangle folding device, easily and smoothly fold the single layer film to double.(Optional)
  • Choice of overlapping EPC and triangle folding device, to safe installation space occupied.
  • Mixed use of multi functions, can produce many different styled bag.
  • Standard equitments are: double lip folding device, bottom gusset device, side opening device.(Trimming or side opening)
  • Special rotary sealing knife design, make the cleaning of sealing knife safe, convenience, quick and easy.
  • Special pneumatic gate and pressing roller device, cooperate with the main machine can carry and out-feed the blocked finished product.
  • Strong and light structure, and cooperate with the rolling wheel with brake, can easily change the place.
  • Optional equipments are: self-adhesive device, pearlinsertion device, punching unit, double sealing device, block out-feed device.
Model Making Bag Size(mm) Making bag Speed
Thickness of film Servo motor Power Required Machine Size
Length Width Top folding Bottom Gusseting L W H
SV-800HC 65~760 76~770 Up to 75mm Up to 65mm 30~250 0.01~0.20mm 2.9KW 7.5KW 4.6M 1.55M 2.0M
SV-1000HC 85~960 76~770 Up to 75mm Up to 65mm 30~250 0.01~0.20mm 4.4KW 9.0KW 4.6M 1.75M 2.0M
SV-1200HC 100~1150 76~770
Up to 75mm Up to 65mm 30~250 0.01~0.20mm 4.4KW 9.7KW 4.6M 1.95M 2.1M
Optional Equipment 1.Air Compressor:3HP; 2.Double Sealing device.; 3.Punching device; 4.Top-fold sealing device;
5.Self-adhensive Tape Feeding; 6. Perforating device; 7.Air shat; 8.EPC with Auto unwinder; 9.Folder
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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