Fully Automatic Multi-function Side Sealing Shopping Bag Making Machine
Soft Loop Handle Bags:55 Bags/min    
Die Cut Handle Bags:80 Bags/min
Patch Handle Bags:60 Bags/min    
Poly Draw Bags:80 Bags/min
Optional Equipment:
  1.Double Sealing Device
2.Triangle Folder
3.Stand Sealing Device
4.Air shaft
5.Air Compressor 7.5HP
Unwinder & EPC with Folder
Triangle Folder
Stand-up Device
  • This machine is designed for its versatility to make different types of shopping bags, such as soft loop handle, die cut handle, poly-draw and patch handle bags.
  • Intelligent management system monitors and protects the machine from misuse.
  • Advanced microprocessor motion control allows for quick length change and photo registration.
  • Soft loop feeding system is driven by pneumatic control to allow precise changes and quick cutting and welding.
  • Poly-draw inserting device automatically feeds string into the top folding and sealing area.
  • Patch handle system attaches PE film to reinforce the bag handle.
  • Convenient auto stacker collects finished bags in an orderly fashion.
  • Die cut punching system is equippedwith high speed steel knife, designed for durability and easy maintenance.
Model Width(mm) Length (mm) Top Folding Botton Gusseting Max. Production
Speed (bag/min)
Thickness of
Film (mm)
Power Required Machine Size
Soft Loop Handle Bag Patch Handle Bag Die Cut Bag Poly-draw Bag


Top Folding 280~540 150~600 Top Folding 150~540 150~540 250~650 Up to 60mm Up to 60mm Soft loop:55
Die Cut:80
Path Bag:60  
Poly Draw:80
0.04~0.09 8.6kw 8.7x2.9x2.0
280~600 150~600
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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